What is GMP?
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is basic guidelines or procedures covering the manufacture of foods to ensure hygiene and food safety for consumers of the products.

HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is system applied to monitor and control microbiological, chemical and physical (i.e. broken glass, metal and etc.) factors affecting food safety and acceptability. Currently HACCP is becoming international standards and worldwide acceptance to ensure confidence of consumers and manufacturers.

BRC/IoP for Food Packaging (British Retail Consortium – Institute of Food Packaging) is standard designed for packaging manufacturers who supply products to retailers and brand owners.

is quality standard designed to ensure that manufacturers or service providers have initiated and maintained same quality standard with main objectives to achieve customers’ satisfaction. The standard is involving design, development, manufacturing and service which can be applied for all industries.

ISO14001 is environmental management system and a part of environmental management principles (ISO14000) to use as guidelines for organizations or agencies to manage their own system to achieve specified environmental policy.  Therefore, Environmental Management System is well organized systems specifying clear structures, responsibilities, procedures and resources by using concept of Planning, Doing, Checking and Action.