Welcome to Dai-ichi packaging

       Dai-Ichi Packaging was incorporated on  February  13th, 1992   with an initial
capital of 50 Million baht. The firm's capital was raised  by another  100  Million baht to 150 Million baht on September 28th,2007 through a joint-venture involving three prominent Thai and foreign conglomerates.   Thai  President Foods Public Company Limited, known for their flagship instant noodle product "Mama", was joined by Kim Pai Group,  which  brings to the  table  their  expertise of over 70 years in the production of printed materials and flexible packaging,  as  well as,
by  Maruto  Sangyo  Group of Japan.    Today, Dai-Ichi Packaging is a Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company  and  achieves  several  quality  standards
including ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, GMP, HACCP, and BRC/IoP.
      The focus of our business has always been on producing flexible packaging
of an international standard, while minimizing impact on the environment.

   This is achieved through the use of efficient technology and machinery,  proper management  and  planning,  as well as,   dependable  quality assurance. Our integrity is evident in how we interact with our clients and how we honour their confidentiality. 
    Yet we never cease to evolve. As continuous improvement is the name of  the game when it comes to staying competitive, we leverage from the broad  experience of our visionary executives and engage employees of all  levels in  both  individual and  corporate  development.  One  of  our primary goals is to be able to provide innovative flexible packaging  that meets,  if not exceeds,   market  requirements in terms of both form and function.