Thanks to visionary management and a professional workforce dedicated to excellence, Dai-Ichi Packaging has gained
rapid reputation and success, and we never aim for them to be short-lived. Our list of achievements is destined to be long and
ongoing, as our production capacity is constantly enhanced to the extent where we are now positioned as the country's
leading flexible packaging producer. At present, our diversified range of products encompasses the following.
      1. General-purpose packaging is good for conventional consumer products such as instant noodles, snacks, bread,
          medicine and pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, household items and personal-care products.
      2. Hot fill packaging is ideal for food products which need packaging capable of resisting rather high temperatures
          during the filling process, such as liquid condiments.
      3. Frozen packaging is capable of resisting temperatures below 0° C, and is suitable for products such as frozen food and ice-cream.
      4. High temperature packaging is resistant to boiling temperatures and can be put in boiling water. It is ideal for products like seasoned meats.
      5. Retort packaging is capable of resisting extremely high temperatures and can be cooked in retort pots. It is great for prodcuts such as ready-to-eat food.